Vol 1 No S1 (2019): Trans. AMMM Supplement

Supplementary Abstracts

North American efforts to improve quality and build evidence for reimbursement for point-of-care 3D printing
Nicole Wake, Andrew Christensen, Jane Matsumoto, Peter Liacouras, Jay Morris, Adnan Sheikh, Kenneth Wang, William J. Weadock, Frank J. Rybicki
Article-Views: 90
Tiny dental devices printed with PEEK
Yiqiao Wang, Adam Rumjahn, Wolf-Dieter Müller, Andreas Schwitalla
Article-Views: 80
Development of patient-specific drug-releasing round window implants for the treatment of inner ear diseases
Farnaz Matin, Ziwen Gao, Verena Scheper, Samuel John, Thomas Lenarz
Article-Views: 108
Mechanical and rheological characterization of hydrogels and hydrogel precursors for cartilage tissue engineering and biofabrication
Alina Weizel, Thomas Distler, Christian Polley, Rainer Detsch, Aldo R. Boccaccini, Hermann Seitz
Article-Views: 236
Development of patient-specific, long-lasting bioabsorbable sinus implants in patients with chronic frontal sinusitis
Constantin Weber, Ziwen Gao, Samuel John, Thomas Lenarz, Verena Scheper
Article-Views: 105
Hybrid additive-subtractive fs laser 3D fabrication of medical devices
Linas Jonusauskas, Tomas Baravykas, Titas Tickunas, Agne Butkute, Tomas Gadisauskas, Dovile Andrijec
Article-Views: 94
Medical AM of High Performance Plastics at the Point-of-Care
Franz Bauer, Stefan Leonhardt
Article-Views: 47
Assessing the performance of upper limb prostheses with virtual evaluation
Chung Han Chua, Ruth Goodridge, Steve Benford, Ian Ashcroft
Article-Views: 58
Chamber miniaturization for four terminal electrical impedance spectroscopy
Tobias Barth, Viviane Silva Teixeira, Wolfgang Krautschneider
Article-Views: 68
From a static to a dynamic 3D anatomical phantom of a rat
Patryk Szwargulski, Miriam Exner, Peter Ludewig, Tobias Knopp, Matthias Graeser
Article-Views: 80
Phantom development for a magnetic particle imaging head scanner
Matthias Graeser, Patryk Szwargulski, Nadine Gdaniec, Franziska Werner, Florian Thieben, Tobias Knopp
Article-Views: 84
3D printed capsules for colon targeted drug delivery
Regine Beeck, Dariah-Sohreh Seradj, Werner Weitschies
Article-Views: 165
Additive manufacturing of magnetic polymer phantoms for magnetic particle imaging
Norbert Löwa, Benjamin Godau, Dirk Gutkelch, Hendrik Paysen, Axel Kuhn, Michael Herzog, Frank Wiekhorst
Article-Views: 178
Long-term imaging of cell growth and cell death in three-dimensional cell cultures
Nina Hedemann, Andreas Herz, Reinhild Geisen, Nils Tribian, Alexander Thomas, Lutz Kloke, Ben Werdelmann, Marion van Mackelenbergh, Nicolai Maass, Dirk Bauerschlag
Article-Views: 182
Robust cost modelling for ink-jetted pharmaceuticals
Jin Ding, Martin Baumers, Ricky Wildman
Article-Views: 85
Additive manufacturing for personalised mitral annuloplasty devices
Charlotte Blake, Donal McNally, Chirattikan Srisook, Jonathon Mitchell-Smith, Rudolf Billeter-Clark, James Dixon, Adam Clare, Ruth Goodridge
Article-Views: 78
FDM 3D printing of immediate release tablets loaded with an acid- and thermo-labile drug
Vanessa Domsta, Wiebke Kempin, Georg Grathoff, Iris Brecht, Beatrice Semmling, Susan Tillmann, Werner Weitschies, Anne Seidlitz
Article-Views: 246
Elaboration of polyvalent material from polymer compound for tissue engineering by stereolithography
Thomas Brossier, Gaël Volpi, Sébastien Blanquer, Vincent Lapinte
Article-Views: 44
AM of degradable Mg-implants by sintering
Thomas Ebel, Martin Wolff, Hendrik Buresch, Wolfgang Limberg, Christian Born, Regine Willumeit-Römer
Article-Views: 60
Laser metal fusion of beta Ti 21S alloy
Alireza Jam, Massimo Pellizzari, Matteo Benedetti
Article-Views: 75
Design and evaluation of 3D printed objects regarding form stability
Jan Stelzner, Victoria Gerant, Sara Schonebeck, Mareike Stender, Thorsten M. Buzug
Article-Views: 75
Construction of a highly flexible head and neck phantom
Melanie Grehn, Christian Ziemann, Maik Stille, Florian Cremers, Dirk Rades, Thorsten M. Buzug
Article-Views: 155