Proceedings on Automation in Medical Engineering
Vol. 1 No. 1 (2020): Proc AUTOMED

Modelling tools and modelling concepts, ID 038

A simple screwing process model for bone material identification

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Jack Wilkie (Institute of Technical Medicine, Furtwangen University), Paul Docherty (Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Canterbury), Knut Möller (Institut Für Technische Medizin, Hochshule Furtwangen)


Orthopaedic surgery failures due to incorrect screw torqueing are costly and dangerous. Determining bone material properties by monitoring the screwing process may lead to more accurate torque limit estimations. A model was developed relating applied torque to screw rotation. This model was tested with simulated parameter identification to ensure robustness and identifiability. A Monte-Carlo analysis with randomised signal noise (n=100) proved model identifiability and robustness, and showed close agreement of identified parameters with parent model values. Due to model simplicity and lack of experimental verification, this model will serve as a basis for future development of more advanced models.

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